Feb 01

A Parable about Pumpkin Pie

Joel and Ben were best friends who both loved pumpkin pie. Despite all their ups and downs growing up, throughout their childhood pumpkin pie had been the one thing that had always united them. They would regularly hang out together; eating different varieties of pie, comparing recipes, watching cookery shows and documentaries on the pumpkin growing process. At weekends they would often visit pumpkin growing competitions and after working together as teenagers to create their own pumpkin growing business at their allotment, they would often enter the competitions themselves. They devoted their lives to pumpkin pie and everyone who knew them knew about their obsession with it. Sometimes people even mocked them for it! But they loved it, and as they grew into adults they continued to learn everything they could about it. One year, at the Pumpkin Farmers Summer Camp, they made a pact, promising each other that they would spend their lives spreading the message of pumpkin pie, to all who had not yet experienced the joy it could bring.

One day at the annual Pumpkin Pie Appreciation Society Conference, Joel and Ben listened to a pumpkin grower, who like them, had devoted his life to pumpkin pie. He gave a talk on how pumpkin pie was best served warm, that cold pumpkin pie was inferior. He argued passionately and convincingly and his love for pumpkin pie was obvious.

After the talk, Joel turned to Ben and began to compliment the speaker, praising his insight and clearly agreeing with what the speaker had said. It was obvious that the pumpkin grower was right, his points were excellent and he had been growing pumpkins for years and years. He knows everything there is to know about pumpkins, and about pumpkin pie. He even referenced the Pumpkin Pie Appreciation Society’s guidebook to back up his points! It must be true that pumpkin pie is best served warm.

Joel noticed that Ben looked troubled and asked his friend what was wrong. Ben began to explain that ever since he was little, he had enjoyed pumpkin pie not warm, but cold, straight from the fridge! He explained his reasons for this, all he knew about pumpkins and pumpkin pie, all his experience and his study had lead him to believe that it was best enjoyed cold. He also, quoted the Pumpkin Pie Appreciation Society’s guidebook to back up his thoughts.

Joel and Ben both love pumpkin pie. They have both devoted their lives to it. One thinks it is best served warm, and the other thinks it is best served cold.

Who is right, Joel or Ben?


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