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Mar 30

Holding Hope

Hope is heavy.
Sometimes I cannot hold it.
My arms ache with the weight of it.
I have to let it go,
Let it drop to the ground,
Embrace the free-fall. 

In the letting go,
In the slow motion of the fall,
I notice someone who loves me,
Catching it, holding it, protecting it.
Keeping it safe,
Until I am strong enough to hold it for myself.

What else can love be?
We hold hope for each other,
When we cannot hold it for ourselves.
We raise it high above our heads,
We become the searchlight, the beacon, the lighthouse.
Until the darkness lifts.


Mar 25


When you can’t see a way back,
Try to see a way forward.
When the person you were has gone,
Try to imagine the person you could become.

When all you hold is broken pieces,
Of a beautiful picture you can no longer see,
Rearrange those broken pieces.
The picture will be more beautiful, because of the breaking.

You can’t return, but you can reimagine.