Feb 10

The Cathedral

This one felt important to post this week, with everything going on in the Church of England around inclusion, or lack of it. I don’t take for granted how lucky I am to be part of a church where ‘there’s nowhere I can’t go’, and I hope one day, that’s the experience of everyone.

A shaky old man put the welcome pamphlet into my hands.
With a smile for a while he told me facts and stats,
Asked where I was from, asked why I’d come.

I didn’t know, I guess I was just passing by,
A tourist just curious and this place looked glorious from outside.
But I realised why as he spoke his reply.

He said it so casually, passively, with a blind kind of apathy,
“Just so you know, there’s nowhere you can’t go.”
I looked him in the eye, this time my turn to smile,
I said “thank you, I know.”



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