May 24

Hall Pass

I’m in my primary school hallway
Council coloured walls and closed doors
Between classrooms standing on coffee stained floors 
A gateway

Lessons are in session but I’ve got the principal’s blessing
A hall pass of sorts permission to explore
To wander and ponder and search for more
An adventure 

I’ve never been out of place in these liminal spaces 
Always sat on the edges always outside the fences
Finding friends as I walk this way – a kid sent out, another running late
Familiar faces

Did I mention I stole that hall pass while in detention?
An open store cupboard door I just couldn’t ignore
It was a dance between chance and circumstance
Divine intervention 

So when they try to keep you confined
When they insist you must fit and colour inside the lines
Resist it and show them a different existence 
A life undefined 



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