Nov 02

The Same Fire

The same fire that inspires me
To burn bright
To change lives
To not lose sight
To shine like a light

Is the same fire that requires me
To stop before burning up
To not be too hot to touch
To light up the sky but not too much
To resist the self-destruct

How can fire be held in a human heart,
Without breaking it apart?


Oct 02

Let Me Be Like Autumn

Let me be like Autumn leaves
Born from mighty oaks.
Rooted in the unseen.
Feeding, nourishing,
Provoking growth.

Let me be like Autumn trees
Unbreakable but bendable. Dependable.
Aware of all that’s nourished me,
But able to let it go.

Let me be like Autumn leaves
Falling with grace at a gentle pace,
Unafraid to change, unafraid to leave.
Letting go, moving on.
Staying near, but in a new place.

Let me be like Autumn trees
Formed from the layers of before.
Every season shaping and making me,
Good and bad, sun and storm,
I embrace it all.


Aug 02

The Simple Fact

It’s a sitting back,
Shoulders relaxed,
Lungs contract at the simple fact…

You have been with me each day that is done,
And you will be with me each day that will come.


Jun 02

What If?

What if I didn’t have to close my eyes
To see the things I want to see.
What if they were right in front of me.
What if I could begin to believe
What if I could feel my lungs breathe
What if I let my heart dream.

What if things turned out better than expected
Profits higher than projected
Application accepted
Contingency plans rejected.

What if everything broken could be reconnected
What if everyone in danger could be protected
what if everything dead could be resurrected.

What if…


May 02

What if…there’s a place for everyone?

What if there’s a place for everyone? As part of a ‘What If?’ speaking series at Oasis Church Bath I unpack one of the most radical stories of inclusion as told in Mark’s Gospel.


Jan 02

What if…Rest is Resistance?

What’s the impact of holding a worldview that demands that we are always productive, measuring our worth according to our output? As part of a ‘What If?’ speaking series at Oasis Church Bath, I present the idea of ‘sabbath’ as a radical and restful resistance to our western system of consumption and productivity.


Dec 02

Advent: Revolution

I kick off an advent podcast series at Oasis Church Bath by looking at how ‘revolution begins by believing the impossible’. I cover how revolution involves breaking rules, and that includes the self-imposed rules that limit and restrict us. Believing the impossible involves being a rule breaker, and moving beyond our fear.


Apr 02

Self Care and Self Comfort

An important aspect of being human is self-care, but how does this differ from self-comfort? Should we always choose one over the other and how can we tell the difference? In this talk given at Oasis Church Bath I help us identify what can work for us as we aim to take care of ourselves.


Mar 02

Emotional Maturity

In a speaking series for Oasis Church Bath on Being Human, I discuss emotional maturity – what is it, why does it matter, and how do we achieve it?


Feb 02

The Parable of the Prodigal Son

In this speaking series at Oasis Church Bath on the parables of Jesus, I explored and unpacked the Parable of the Prodigal Son. How would a Jewish audience have understood this parable and what can we learn from it to apply to our lives today?