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Oct 13

Iain Cotton Promo Film

My friend Iain Cotton is an exceptionally talented artist who works with stone to carve letters and make sculptures. While working for Bath College as a media lecturer I used my ‘selfie day’ (a great initiative giving staff a day off each year to invest in themselves and do something different) to visit Iain at his studio and film him at work. The location itself was a film maker’s dream and the process of stone carving is mesmerizing to watch. As an editor I added very little, I just showed the process in a simple, gentle way and I’m really pleased with the results. What I loved the most about this film was actually being able to see Iain’s reaction – that happens very rarely these days as films are sent to clients usually online via links sent in an email. To watch him experience the film and react to it quite naturally in an overwhelmingly positive way was one of the best experiences I’ve had making films. Anyway the film is below, and you can find out more about Iain and his work here.

Iain Cotton from Jo Dolby on Vimeo.